2020 Annual Meeting “Set the Flags”

Published on 20 Jan 2020

We are an IT solution We want to be problem solver through innovation and technology We do enhancement the way people interact with their lives

Yesterday (13/01), Vascomm hold annual meeting event at Fave Hotel Rungkut, Surabaya. Similar to previous years, the grand meeting started from morning to evening was attended by company stakeholders, and all vascommers who came from branch offices, such as Malang, Jogja, and Jakarta branch office. We name yesterday's event ‘set the flags’. Event at that time is a good starting point of us #vascommers, to recognize our achievement in the past at once design for the next 2020 road map, specifically presented by all divisions 2016 prepare 2017 whispered 2018 whistle 2019 shout it out loud 2020 set the flags We realize that there are many problems outside. So that, we want to be problem solver. Through innovation and technology, we do enhancement the way people interact with their lives nowadays. We create and develop a simple-safe and smart ways to provide everyone BRIGHT solution. We are used to use shared resources, developments, and hard work to build and incubate startups to be market-leading companies So, Keep the blue flags flying high We’re #vascommers and we #workforBRIGHTsolution