How to Find your Best Employees for Business?

Published on 20 Dec 2019

A strategic plan of Human Capital Management team getting the right people in the right seats on every recruitment and selection process

Human resources are the core asset of the company. To get more qualified and competent prospective representatives, companies need to set recruitment and selection process. Recruitment is not only used to fill positions in the company. The main goal of recruitment, selection, and job placement are to make the person and the organization deal. A person has capabilities as knowledge, skills, attitude, and organization or company has too. So, the recruitment and selection process help to match both of them. "Get the right man in the right place." A recruiter needs to analyze to ensure whether recruitment is the right solution for the company's needs. There are several factors companies need to conduct recruitment process as business, mutation, promotion, resign, retirement, turnover, manpower plan (MPP) and others. After job requirement analysis, the next recruiter is handling job analysis. This is the starting point in the process of gathering information about one's duties and responsibilities. The method used to carry out job analysis is using questionnaires, interviews, and agreements. In job analysis recruiter does the job description and job specifications. Job desc explains the duties and responsibilities, working conditions, and other aspects related to work positions such as job details, main tasks, authority, salary, and facilities, etc. Meanwhile, Job specification describes the specifications, requirements, and abilities that met by candidates in a particular position. For example, gender, age, level of education, skills, and experience. HOW WE GET THE RIGHT PEOPLE? Now we talk about the source of the best employee. First, internal sources is utilizing the resources available in the organization. Some are applicant data bank records, transfers, promotions, and internal offers to employees. And secondly, external source as posting job advertisements, head hunter, university, professional organization, agency, and employment office. To get the best employee, the recruiter needs to conduct a psychological testing & assessment phase. These processes can help the recruiter to hire the best job candidates that the organization needs in a particular position. The assessment is based on competencies that involve dozens of evaluation techniques and tools related to work simulations, personality inventory, and interviews. Related to the Iceberg model, they are two competencies considered when conducting the assessment process. First, the main competencies that focus on skills and knowledge (S & K). He is relatively visible, quickly developed, and observed. The other is differentiating competence. It consists of social roles, self-concept, and trait. Because it is located in relatively invisible water, it is more challenging to develop and observe. This point is a fundamental characteristic that is essential for employed success. To sum up, the enhancing assessment method is the best way we do to assess candidates more effectively, efficiently, and precisely. ______________ (This content was ever presented by Aunu Rofiq from HCM team on VASCOMMTalk session)