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We are tech savvy, we love simple and smart ways to provide you a bright solution.
We play around with communities, give them a value added service.

Ongoing collaborations and development with banks and telcos
to deliver stunning products and services

Smart Community

We enhance communities habbit, bring benefits to many people with useful services and IoT experience.

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Financial Technology

We facilitate people in making transactions and purchases through digital platforms and services that goes through the internet with great security, wide capabilities, and profitable.

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Think wide
Think Branchless

Our Financial Technology and Smart Community provides the needs to enhance the experience of many business lines that in need of growth, spread their market area towards many cities in Indonesia.

Branchless concept was first adapted in one of our Fintech product, and its going to be used for every other of our product concept. Our first pilot branchless product is Branchless Banking, it's used by some Indonesian Goverment Banks since 2016 and still being used with great performance and features, with powerful core process which is interopable, scalable, and reusable to many other core banking needs.
And yes, we are open to talk about it, have something in your mind? send us your inquiry here


Deliver bright solution to everyone

Enhance people's life experience, by providing simple-safe and smart services


Benefit to Company

We strive to create the best solutions and bring benefits and new value to your business

Running Effective

Not only the best, but it runs effectively following our partners’ agenda with no time wastage

Innovation & Integrity

We never stop innovating everyday, keeping up with the latest updates and always consistent with each process.

Give The Best

Best solutions for the best service and best product..We continue to give the best to our partners Running Effective

High Performance

Our products are created with high performance technology capabilities for each product that we made for the best experience and long-lasting usage

Trusted Partner

We have being trusted by our partners such as PT. Bank Nasional Indonesia tbk, BNI Syariah, Pertamina, Telkomsel and many more companies.



We anticipate new partners and projects, new challenges and passion for creative, innovative and problem solving products.

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